Manufactured right here in the USA, Moon’s HB #2 pencils are made from real wood. They sharpen
easily, write smoothly, and have high quality durable erasers.

Top 10 Everyday

Part #Description
7940Happy Birthday Glitz
52179Mustache Asst.
7856Stars and Stripes
2050Tie-Dye Asst.
52119Glitter Sparkle Asst.
7440Thermo Paw Prints Asst.
52063Happy Birthday Glitter Asst.
52039Thermo Swirl Asst.
7665Big Bucks Asst.
2054Smiley Bunch Asst.

Everyday Decorated

Part #Description
52160All Sports
52172Two Of A Kind Asst.
52220Neon Paw Prints Asst.
52245Style & Fashion Asst.
52176Rocket Racer Asst.
2075Be Happy
52185Color Blast Asst.
52207Zoo Animal Asst.
52175Lil' Robot Asst.
52195Chevron Asst.

Glitter & Metallic

Part #Description
52119Glitter Sparkle Asst.
52120Metallic Glo Asst.
7616Laser Gem Asst.
7631Metallic Rainbow Asst.
7637Glitz Asst.

Color Change Thermo

Part #Description
1500Thermo Reactor Asst.
7440Thermo Paw Prints Asst.
52039Thermo Swirl Asst.
52038Thermo Dot Asst.
1504MThermo Stars Asst.
1505Thermo Happy Birthday Asst.
52127Thermo You Are Awesome Asst.
52129Thermo Star Student Asst.
52222Thermo Mustache Asst.

Top Ten Educational

Part #Description
7904Happy Birthday Asst.
7500Happy Birthday from Your Teacher
7863Third Graders Are #1 Asst.
4900802121Student of the Week
4900802117Welcome To Our Class
7898Caught Doing Good!
7448100th Day of School Asst.
7928You Are Awesome!
4900802118Welcome To School!
4900802113Star Student

Reward & Incentive

Part #Description
522033rd Graders Are #1 Asst.
52124Say No To Bullying Asst.
52260Acts Of Kindness Asst.
2141Musical Notes Asst.
490082112Super Reader
52157Smiley Star Excellent Work
8025Honor Roll Glitz Asst.
52155Smiley You Are Awesome!
52171100th Day Of School! Asst.
52153Believe In Yourself! Asst.
4900802124First Graders Are #1


Part #Description
4900808975Jumbo Be Happy
8937Jumbo Glitz Asst.
4900808950Jumbo Tie-Dye Asst.
8904Jumbo Happy Birthday Glitz Asst.

Training / Try-Rex

Part #Description
B21TTry-Rex Jumbo w/ Eraser
B21Try-Rex Jumbo w/o Eraser
B46Try-Rex Regular w/ Erasers
B23Try-Rex Intermediate w/o Eraser
600TBig Dipper w/ Eraser
600Big Dipper w/o Eraser

USA Gold Premium

Part #Description
52139U.S.A. Gold - Yellow Hex - Sharpened
52147U.S.A. Gold - Yellow Hex - Unsharpened
52140U.S.A. Gold - Natural Hex - Sharpened
52148U.S.A. Gold - Natural Hex - Unsharpened

Mechanical Pencils

Part #Description
53822Color Basic Mech. Pencils
52902Great Grips Mech. Pencils w/ Comfort Grip
53823Chevron Mech. Pencils w/ Comfort Grips