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New! No.2 Scented Pencils
Moon is excited to introduced it’s colorful line of No.2 Non-Wood Scented Pencils. In 6 new bright and bold colors, these decorated swirl pencils are fun for kids and come in their favorite scents! Moon’s non-wood scented pencils are easy to sharpen and have erasers that are long-lasting. Scents include, grape, peppermint, bubblegum, chocolate, lemon, and orange. All pencils are great for the home and for classrooms of all kinds. Items include: 52253, Grape Scented Pencils, 52254, Peppermint Scented Pencils, 52256, Bubblegum Scented Pencils, 52257, Chocolate Scented Pencils, 52258, Orange Scented Pencils, and 522259, Lemon Scencted Pencils. All items are 144ct.

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