Featured Products 2015

Mustache Pencils and Erasers
Moon is excited to add neon topper erasers and multi-mustache decorated pencils to our popular line of mustache items. Jump on the mustache craze and have a ball. They’re just plain silly and kids love them! Moon items: 53075 Neon Mustache Write-On Asst (36ct), 53076 Neon Mustache Topper Erasers (108ct), 52440 Neon Mustache Topper Eraser 8ct Bag, 52244 Mustache Fun Pencil (144ct), 52179 Mustache Pencils (144ct), 53066 Mustache Write-Ons (36ct), 53065 Mustache Topper Erasers (108ct), 52435, Mustache Topper Erasers 8ct Bag, 52221 Neon Mustache Pencils (144ct), 52222 Thermo Mustache Pencils (144ct).

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Happy Birthday Pencil Assortments
Celebrate with Moon’s new colorful and stylish birthday pencil assortments! These No.2 HB pencils with durable long-lasting erasers are great for the classroom or as a party favor. Birthday pencils are ever popular and remain at the top of Moon’s Best Sellers list. New Moon items: 52238 Happy Birthday Fun Asst. (144ct), 52229 It’s Your Birthday Asst. (144ct), 52247 Chevron Birthday Asst. (144ct), 53040 Party Write-Ons (36ct), 53039 Party Toppers (108ct), 52430 Party Topper Erasers 8ct Bag.
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Bitmap Aliens Pencils and Topper Erasers
Trendy and fashion forward, these pencils and erasers are a hot item for both boys and girls! Kid’s imaginations will soar with these No.2 HB pencils with durable long-lasting erasers in brite colors. Great for the classroom, home, or as an alternative party treat. Moon items: 52239 Bitmap Aliens Pencils (144ct), 53079 Bitmaps Aliens Write-Ons (36ct), 53080 Bitmap Aliens Topper Erasers (108ct), 52442 Bitmap Aliens Topper Erasers 8ct bag.

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